Evan Smith

Evan Smith

An charicature of Evan sitting on a stool in a crayola hat, dressed as dougle with a glass of wine in his hand


  • NativeNote.com

  • November 2014 - Present  |  PHP, Laravel, Python, Django, Knockout.js, jQuery, Linux, Apache
  • NativeNote.com is a note-sharing platform built to easily distribute and index notes. The idea is to quickly and easily create, organise and share notes with others.
  • Built with PHP, MySQL, Knockout.js and Bootstrap
  • Developed a Django-based survey system
  • Full user registration/management system as well as CMS for notes
  • Managed a 3-man team as well as contributed heavily to the codebase
  • Core HR

  • June 2015 - August 2015  |  PL/SQL, Oracle DB, ExtJS
  • Developed mainly with ExtJS – An Enterprise MVC Javascript Framework
  • Transitioned views and functionality from legacy oracle forms to new MVC javascript
  • Created and altered JSON API endpoints using PL/SQL on top of an Oracle Database
  • Worked within a complex, multi-faceted and vastly undocumented codebase with little training and intense time pressure.
  • Goodall's Ireland

  • June 2011 - September 2015  |  PHP, Wordpress, jQuery, javascript
  • Wordpress maintenance and up-keep
  • Maintained and organised a polling system to handle Ireland’s Best Scone competition
  • Added social login requirement to reduce number of non-unique votes on polls
  • Added social sharing interaction to posts
  • Fixed style and functional bugs within wordpress and the site
  • Altered structure and layout to boost SEO and fit Google’s requirements for recipes
  • Granite Digital

  • June 2014 - September 2014  |  PHP, Wordpress, jQuery, ColdFusion, Linux, Apache
  • Developed the UCC Sports multisite system which allows new clubs to be set up on their network. The application allows fixtures and events to be displayed on the sports’ main page as well as giving the clubs their own site to manage and customise.
  • Did general support on the phone and via Helpscout for all of Granite’s sites
  • Developed several other websites (EG: blog.meadowsandbyrne.com)
  • Worked with both ColdFusion and PHP (mainly Wordpress)
  • I Am Evan

  • 2010 - Present [Self-Employment]  |  PHP, Wordpress, jQuery, Linux, Apache
  • Offered web design and advice to people unfamiliar with technicalities or technology.
  • Created user-friendly interfaces within wordpress for people to manage their website and how it looks
  • Set up sites for SEO and browser optimization.
  • Currently maintain several wordpress sites and provide quick training to clients on how to use their theme and wordpress in general
  • “ Evan has a unique ability to put across and simplify the more technical aspects of hosting, web development, and design to a small business such as myself.”

    — Michael Wall (Michael Wall Bespoke Jewellery)
  • Demonware

  • June 2012 - September 2012  |  PHP, Wordpress, jQuery, Linux, Apache
  • Web design and web development with Photoshop, PHP, CSS and HTML.
  • Integrated jQuery lightbox and slideshow into Wordpress gallery
  • Developed several wordpress sites (including their public site) while also altering the admin area for ease-of-use
  • Setup and maintained a LAMP stack for the web development
  • Credited in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II for play-testing and minor design work
  • “[…] I found Evan methodical and thorough and very easy to work with. We're hoping he will come back to us for another stint soon!”

    — Tony Kelly (Ex-CEO of Demonware, current CEO of Spicebox.io)

Interests And Hobbies

Netsoc UCC Networking, Gaming and Technology Society

UCC Networking, Gaming and Technology Society

Auditor (2015 - 2016)

I am currently the Chairperson off UCC's Netsoc. We've got some pretty lofty plans for the year and I'd love to tell you more, so why not check out Netsoc.co. (HintHint: 5 servers and a movie)

Currently, I'm managing projects, approaching sponsors, communicating with UCC administration, sourcing hardware, developing web apps, architecting a server infrastructure, organising a launch and planning for the future.

So far, I have (at least publicly anyway):

Public Relations Officer (2014 - 2015)

As the PRO of the society, I was responsible for the public image and promotion of the society. Mainly, I did all of the design work for everything that anything saw related to the society and plastered it all over our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts.

Some notable achievements:

  • 500+ new likes on our facebook page
  • 400+ new followers for our twitter page
  • 500+ new newsletter subscriptions
  • Designed several amazing posters and flyers such as Thief, Don't Go Alone and our EGM
  • Actually, physically postered ~12 locations around UCC every week (It's a hard knock life...)
First Year Representative (2013 - 2014)

As a First Year Rep, my main responsibility was to get involved with everything and, boy, did I get involved. Some of the things I did that year include:

  • Developed a Pokemon-based QR Code competition system in PHP and MySQL
  • Administered and setup video game servers for games like Team Fortress 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • Helped manage and maintain the single Netsoc CentOS Server
  • Completely redesigned the netsoc website and developed it within the Wordpress CMS
  • Ported the entire server to an Ubuntu installation before it promptly exploded in the server room (nothing to do with me - the webmaster had done some soldering by-hand on the mother board)


BSc Computer Science
University College Cork
(2013 - present)

European Computer Driving License
Ballincollig Community School
(2010 - 2011)

Munster Programming Training
University College Cork
(2010 - 2011)

Side Projects

Netsoc Admin

A web application designed to allow LDAP users manage DNS and MySQL for Netsoc's main user server. (Like cPanel ro WebAdmin)

Various Markov Chain Text Generators

These are a set of simple 2nd order Markov Chain Text Generators I've made in different languages.

Whenever I'm bored, I like to learn the basics of a new language and I've found that one of the best ways to do that is go through the process of creating a Markov Chain. It just happens to incorporate a lot of different basic elements and it's pretty rewarding to finish each time too. The emphasis of this project isn't necessarily to create the most efficient or correct version of the program but to learn how to use all the elements of the new language I'm learning.

Grinds Hub

Grinds Hub is a platform for students to find tutors and for tutors to find students. Using MySQL Full Text search, users can search for and say they teach absolutely any subject they want.

  • PHP and Wordpress
  • Uses MySQL Full Text search to search through users
  • Allows users to filter by county or by rate.
  • Uses a full user registration system as well as a flat-design UI
Housemate Hub / Home Suite

Housemate Hub is a suite of tools for housemates and students to better communicate both inside and outside of the house.

  • PHP and Wordpress
  • GPS Check-in System with Google Maps
  • Rota/Chore calendars with ability to assign housemates to jobs on certain days
  • Anonymous feedback messaging system and online note post-it note board.
  • Based off an open-source PHP app I made called Home Suite
Pokemon - Gotta Catch 'Em All Competition

The system allows users to scan a QR code and, assuming they're also logged in, relays relevant information to the database, logging their pokemon as "caught". Some of the features of the system include:

  • Probability averaging based on the number of unique QR codes they've scanned (rewarding those who are being more diverse in their scanning)
  • Safeguards against people scanning the same code twice.
  • A detailed log of every single catch down to the millisecond
  • A statistics page (mainly for monitoring/post-game analytics) with Highcharts.js charts to best visualise the data
  • A leaderboard so people can track who's winning.
Other Projects
  • StalkerPlus (6000 hits in 3 days) (View On Github)
  • MP3 sample extraction/social sharing (View On Github)
  • Fantasy Stock Exchange (using Yahoo Finance)
  • Choose Your Own Adventure web game

I'm a builder and an explorer. I've spent my life throwing myself into jobs, projects and new worlds.

At 14, I started making simple websites and experimented with programming. At 16, I got my first job and developed a module for WHMCS to manage domains with the IEDR. The next year, I packed my things and moved to Dublin for 3 months to develop for Demonware. And last November, I completely altered how I approached my life to start a company with two of my best friends. All while doing freelance web development building websites for SMEs all over Ireland.

Now, I'm orchestrating some amazing things with Netsoc, helping create networks of knowledge with NativeNote.com, encouraging students to teach each other with GrindsHub, developing Web Apps for companies like Goodalls, Slated.ie and Umnumnum and studying for my third year of Computer Science in UCC.