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Evan Smith

My name is Evan and I was born in Cork, Ireland. I’ve been working with PHP, HTML and CSS since I was 14. I work primarily with wordpress-based websites and small businesses.

Over the last few years, I’ve worked on many projects and with many companies to further my knowledge and experience of web development. It started with a secondary-school web design mini-company called Mint Web Design. This opened the world of business to 16 year-old me and that summer I began working in a web hosting company in my home town as well as doing freelance work in the evenings.

As the summer ended, I went into 5th year and continued to do freelance web design for small businesses throughout the year but, as summer approached, I began seeking an internship in Ireland and in the US. Thankfully,  I was offered the chance to work in a gaming middle-ware company in Dublin. So, I moved out for three months and did bug-fixing for their public site, re-designs for the internal websites, ate free food and gorged myself on the independence of living away from home. I even got my name in the credits of a AAA game (Call Of Duty: Black Ops II)

Going back to school that year was different as I prepared for my leaving cert year. Although I continued to do freelance during the year, it was definitely to a lesser degree. Towards the end of the year, as the leaving cert loomed, I found myself doing more and more projects instead of studying. One of my most interesting projects was a web app that allowed people to upload MP3s, extract 10-30 seconds from the song and then share the sound clip on social networks.  Although, now, a lot of the social sharing aspects have been removed (due to API changes – damn you twitter!).

After the leaving cert, I was accepted into the Computer Science degree in University College Cork despite it jumping 100 points that year (in-fucking-sane might I add). I’m thoroughly enjoying Computer Science; especially the break down of abstractions and hardware into what they really are on a microscopic scale.

This year, I’m the Chairperson of UCC’s Networking, Gaming and Technology Society. We’ve got massive plans for the year with an entirely new approach to how we do things. If I’ve piqued your interest, we’re making a major announcement on July 21st over at Netsoc.co.

I don’t have any particular career or job title in mind after my degree but as long as I get to append it with “Scientist”, I don’t think I’ll mind. My name is Evan and I’m a web developer.

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