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Artificial Intelligence – ‘It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it’

Originally posted on Feb 2nd, 2017 for UCC Express. “I propose to consider the question, ‘Can machines think?’” – Alan Turing [1]2 As we move ever-closer to the inevitable heat-death of the universe, our modern society is plagued with a question of its own making – can machines think like we do? The growing trend in popular culture is fixated on how the computers in our everyday lives think and make decisions, while the technological breakthroughs of the recent decade have sought to give computer systems the ability to think for us. To do this, machines need a form of Artificial Intelligence to make informed, quick decisions on our behalf.

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The EU Digital Scoreboard

Originally posted on Feb 23rd, 2017 for UCC Express. Every year, the European Commission, the EC, publishes reports, studies and scores for how Europe is progressing as part of their Digital Agenda, which was first outlined in 2010. Even though 250 million Europeans use the Internet daily there are still millions of them that have never used the Internet at all! As more daily tasks are carried out online, everyone needs enhanced digital skills to participate fully in society. The digital economy also presents opportunities — if citizens are ready to take them. The number of jobs that require information and communications technology (ICT) skills is expected to rise by 16 million by 2020.

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What Does It Take?

What does it take to start a business? This is one of those questions that you see people asking quite a bit. from my experience. It’s one of those questions that plagues the minds of future entrepreneurs and eats away at the little ideas they have because they think they can’t make or they think there’s no way it could make any money. What I’d love for everyone to realise is that anything can become a business from a new type of paperclip to the most advanced computer on earth. You can build a business from nothing these days (although a little something can go a long way) and we’ve proved that with our company.

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