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Timed Product Categories (Woocommerce / WordPress)

A client recently asked to be able to put time-sensitive “flags” (badges) on products for showcasing that products were “new”, “web-only” or “exclusive” to them. These flags would only exist for particular periods as products wouldn’t be new or exclusive forever. As a solution, I used Advanced Custom Fields to create a section on product pages to add flags that had 6 fields:

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GoLang – Unit Testing Third-Party APIs

In my final year of college, I got swept up in creating Twitter bots and tools. As a result, I created several different projects in Go but the go-twitter package hadn’t been updated in over a year and was missing the majority of API functionality. At first, I submitted pull requests to the original library but received sparse answers and a never-ending list of semantic changes (despite passing the Continuous Integration tests).

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Hot-swapping a Go program

Sometimes, running an always-on program is important and there a lot of moving parts to move around in order to stop and restart a program. Recently, I’ve been helping UCC Netsoc develop a Discord Bot written in Go to help their committee and their members as well as provide a clean avenue for people to seek help and technical support from their Systems Administrators.

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