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Capacity Planning in Four Parts: Telling the Future without a Crystal Ball

This blog post is based on a talk I gave at SREcon18 EMEA. If you’d like to see the slides or watch the talk, click here to view the usenix website. Let’s start with a radical concept: you’ve already got 50% of the work done to start capacity planning. A lot of what SRE teams do already feeds directly into understanding and forecasting capacity.

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NIC Driver Facts for puppet

Recently there was an issue with particular dedicated hosts having network issues due to high traffic triggering a known bug in particular RealTek NICs. Unfortunately puppet doesn’t expose facts about the networking equipment of a server so I wrote the below to expose the NIC drivers in use, their firmware version and which interfaces use them.

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Tidying up puppet reports

A lot of puppet configurations recommend using puppet’s tidy directive to manage puppet reports. The problem with this though is that in order to delete the file, puppet will create a file directive in state.yaml. The state file grows pretty quickly then because of this and I’ve experienced it slowing down puppetruns after a certain point.

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