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Short Story – Into The Dungeon

Originally posted on 20th Feb, 2017 for The UCC Express. Up, down, left, right, jab. Up, down, feint, feint, jab. Block, down, left, right, jab. Like a battlefield ballerina, Grom danced circles around our enemies. Fending off a strike here, parrying a blow there. All while returning a flurry of strikes himself. It was such a beautiful sight to see, I could watch it all day. His left foot braced itself against the ground while his right knee impacted with an audible ‘clap’ against the unarmoured goblin or with a ‘clang’ against the chainmail warriors. Oh how the fighter’s guild must have been sad to see him go.

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A Snorlax Is Blocking Your Path

Originally published on April 25th, 2012 when I was 17 years old. I haven’t changed anything about it to suit my present self or my style because I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for this “piece” and it’s also nice to see where, why and how things started. The skittering of the rain drowned out all sound around me as I trudged through the soft ground. Hoodie dragged over my head, broken, folded umbrella clutched desperately in one hand. The wind had torn through the fabric, shredding whatever hold the metal spokes used to keep me dry.

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