• The opening scene of Macbeth not only introduces the audience to the supernatural but it also establishes a theme of disorder through the presences of the witches, the stormy weather, and the bleak landscape.
  • Audience members would have believed in the presence of witches and their ability.
  • They can be treated as a single unit as they speak and act together.
  • They are agents of evil.
  • They know Macbeth will arrive on the heath and that he will become Thane of Cawdor
  • Their malice is shown in act 1, scene 3 as they torment the sailor’s wife by causing a storm to shipwreck her husband.
  • They sow the seeds of corruption in Macbeth’s mind by tempting him with promises of things to come.
  • They contribute to Macbeth’s downfall.
  • They only appeal to the evil that is in a person to make him damn himself.
  • Macbeth chose to accept the witch’s prophecies and his nature became corrupt.
  • They represent one side in the fight between Good and Evil.

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