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Snippet: Benefits of Leastconn Loadbalancing

Most of the time, randomly balancing requests across hosts is good enough. Every so often though, there is an edge case which benefits from another method of choosing a host. For example, the following graph shows the request latency of hosts that handle requests that were not all born equal. Requests happened on a recurring period so a longer request had a tendency to end up on the same host again and again, eventually compounding to increase request latency and slow down other requests that reached that host.

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Customer Communication During Incidents The How to of Status Page Updates

Something often overlooked during an incident is how we communicate with our customers and reassure them of the situation. How you convey an incident to the people paying for your service can make all the difference when it comes to contract renewal period. At a past company, our sales team regularly reported back from client meetings that they consistently mentioned how helpful and reassuring status page updates from the SRE team were, even when our service was fully down.

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