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Linux Containers

Both full machine virtualization and containers have their advantages and disadvantages. Full machine virtualization offers greater isolation at the cost of greater overhead, as each virtual machine runs its own full kernel and operating system instance. Containers, on the other hand, generally offer less isolation but lower overhead through sharing certain portions of the host kernel and operating system instance. In my opinion full machine virtualization and containers are complementary; each offers certain advantages that might be useful in specific situations. Now that you have a rough idea of what containers are, let’s take a closer look at using containers with LXC.

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Bash (Debian) – Fixing User Directories On Login

I’ve been continuing work on Netsoc’s public user-facing server Leela. Previously, we’d relied heavily on using /etc/skel to properly layout user directories and their subfolders. However, we allow users to host public sites from the public_html folder on {user} which meant that periodically, we had to run a script to alter permissions on user folders to allow Apache to access their public_html while not allowing other users access to their home directory. To achieve this, all user home directories have to be owned by www-data and have at least 710 permissions (rwx –x —). Recently, I’ve been investigating PAM as we use it to authenticate users off LDAP and it’s the perfect entry-point for automating our home dir needs.

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